January 2017 - December 2020

Appointed as consultant in the new Timbanken project.

Sector 3 - Sales & Marketing, Branding

Sector 5 - Product- and Service development, Import/Export, Globalization


September 2016

AB Hyllteknik, Alvesta establish their own LLC company in Dubai with my assistance.


May 2016 - May 2017

Mentor for SB Studio, Varberg


July 2015

Signed a long term contract with a leading Swedish safety training company within the Gas & Oil Industry to assist them in their endeavour to find suitable partners in the Middle East.


May 2015

Had a successful trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi with a AB Hyllteknik, Alvesta, who is Scandinavia's largest manufacturer of uniquely designed shelving systems. During 5 days we visit 20 leading Interior Designer/Architect companies. Came back with one order and several promising leads!

Also helped them establish a contact to a large company in Australia.


12th March 2015

Was invited to participate at the National Television SVT1 programme Debatt (Debate) broadcasted live at 10pm. Subject: To discuss the consequences of the Swedish Government cancelling an agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who in return called back their Ambassador. 


February 2015

Cooperation agreement with Halmstads Näringsliv in their work to establish companies in the region.


December 2014 - December 2015

Mentor for Movs, Torup


November 2014

Lead speaker at a half day seminar in Helsingborg, organised by the Chamber of Commerce with the title - "Business opportunities in the Middle East".


August 2014 - ongoing

Assisting many new and established companies from a wide range of business fields and stages in their development as a company, particularly through the Timbanken project.


March 2014 - ongoing

See for information (in Swedish only) on business opportunities in and general information about the MENA region under the heading "Peter tipsar".

See also heading "MENA Affärsmöjligheter (SWE)" on this home page (Swedish only).


February 2014

Appointed as Mentor by ALMI Företagspartner Halland AB


October 2013

Appointed by Region Halland, Sweden as advisor to new and established companies in Halland within the areas of internationalisation, export, import, patents. This is a special scheme called Timbanken and running from 1st January 2014 to end 2016. See above headline Timbanken for detailed information (only in Swedish and for companies in the Region Halland).

See (Swedish only).

September 2013

Speaker at the Rotary Club, Anderstorp - Sweden "MENA - A region with great business opportunities".


July 2013

Interview by the Chief Editor Eva Brandsma and published in the Chefstidningen magazine no 7/2013 about the great potential of doing business in the Middle East.


May 2013

Consult MENA was the lead speaker at a successful seminar in Växjö, Sweden, organised by the South Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Växjö. Please see for more information (in Swedish only).

March 2013

Consult MENA has been appointed as the official Middle East partner of the South Swedish Chamber of Commerce, who is the largest CoC in Sweden with over 2,800 company members.

For more information please visit (in Swedish only) (in English)