What have I done and what do I do?

I have over 40 years experience of international B2P(eople) Sales, Marketing, Business and Product strategy/development, being responsible for the Export activities at local manufacturing companies (OEM's) in:

- Innsbruck-Austria, as Export Manager-Prokurist (120 employees) 1981-1990

- Melbourne-Australia, as General Manager Sales & Marketing (800 employees) 1990-2001. 

- Established and managed, as MD/Partner, in Dubai a daughter company of the Australian entity, covering the Middle East and North African (MENA) market (13 employees) 2001-2008.
2003 the Australian company was purchased by a world renowned Austrian company that is top 20 at the Vienna Exchange.

-  Established and managed, as Commercial Director/Partner, a local company in Dubai (11 employees) with 4 partners 2008-2013. 

Moved back to Sweden 2011 and started Consult MENA 2012.

Consultant in Region Halland's Timbanken project since it started in 2014 in the following business areas:

  • 3: Sales/Marketing, Social Media, Trade Mark/Design protection, Public Procurement
  • 5: Product/Service development, Import/Export.                                                                                                                     See

-       Mentor at ALMI Företagspartner Halland (participated in their Mentor training). See

-       External business development consultant at ALMI Företagspartner Halland. See

-       Mentor at Connect Väst (participated in their Mentor training). See

-       Competence partner for Connect Väst ”Springboard” and ”Company Accelerator” programs since 2012.

-       Member in the network Ledande Entreprenörer, where only owners/partners can join.

-       Member in the network Hallands Företagare. See

-       Was official cooperation partner for Middle East at South Swedish Chamber of Commerce between 2013-2018,         when the partner program was scrapped.

Consult MENA assists companies with upgrade of your B2P(eople) sales/business development, internationalisation, marketing, product development, trade mark/design protection, public procurement, business strategies and board/advisory board assignments.

Fluent in English, German and Swedish (incl. business correspondence).